Research Areas

The REBIRTH Cluster of Excellence is devided into four Areas, as shown in the illustration below:

A.The Area 'Basic Sciences of Regeneration' is dedicated to basic research focusing on stem cell biology and molecular reprogramming as well as organogenesis;
B1.The Area 'Regeneration in Disease Models' aims to develop new regenerative therapies with cell therapies, tissue engineering and biohybrid devices for diseases of all four organs systems;
B2.The Area 'Regenerative Technologies' will provide new materials, production technologies and bioanalytical techniques for tissue engineering and stem cell technologie, as well as an imaging platform;
C.The Area 'Clinical Translation and Regenerative Products' will provide platforms to translate REBIRTH developments into the clinic and to control biosaftey; 
M.The Management Area comprises all management-relative activities. It is responsible for training programmes, personnel development, finance, communication and public relations.
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