Notch Signalling and Ciliogenesis


We concentrate on two topics: analyses of Notch signal transduction and functional characterization of ciliary proteins.

The evolutionary conserved Notch signaling pathway mediates cell-to-cell communication between adjacent cells and regulates differentiation and proliferation depending on the cellular context. Mutations in Notch pathway components disrupt specific aspects of embryonic development in diverse organisms and are causative for human diseases. Here we want to better understand the function of ligands.

Cilia are microtubule-based cellular projections that have essential signaling or motility functions. Consistent with essential ciliary functions defects in cilia disrupt normal development and tissue homeostasis, and underlie various human diseases that are collectively referred to as ciliopathies. Here, we concentrate on the analysis of uncharacterized components of motile cilia.

Research Focus

Notch signaling: we analyze various aspects of Notch ligand biochemistry and function concentrating on the highly similar mammalian Notch ligands DLL1 and DLL4. We focus on the analysis of the functional (non)equivalence of these Notch Delta ligands during development and their context-dependent activity, using the mouse as the animal model of choice and employing a combination of biochemical, molecular genetic, and transgenic methods

Ciliogenesis: we have identified a number of proteins with unknown biochemical functions that are expressed in cells carrying motile cilia. We have generated several new mouse models for primary cilia dyskinesia (PCD). PCD is a specific group of ciliopathies that is characterized by combinations of respiratory problems, infertility, and situs defects in affected individuals. Ongoing projects characterize these mouse models and the biochemical function of selected proteins.


  • M.Sc. Biomedicine, B.Sc. Biology. Ph.D. programme


  • A. Beckers, ‘Doktorandenpreis MHH’ (2008)


2013 - ongoing


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2006 - 2012


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