Transcriptional Control of Organogenesis


Our research focuses on the genetic control mechanisms governing vertebrate development using the mouse as a model organism. More specifically, we are interested in gaining a better understanding of the cellular and molecular processes crucial in the development of mesodermally derived organs including heart, kidney and ureter. We use all techniques of modern cell and molecular biology in addition to embryological manipulations in the mouse as well as transgenics and targeted gene disruption to gain information on the mode of action of genes in vivo and in vitro. A major focus of our molecular work lies in the analysis of transcription factors of the Tbx-gene family in organogenesis.

Research Focus

Within REBIRTH, our work aims at obtaining deeper insight into the function of T-box genes in the development of the heart, the liver and the lung. By analysis of mice with loss-of-function alleles of Tbx genes, we have shown that Tbx2/Tbx3 are crucial players in branching morphogenesis of the lung, that Tbx3 is required for early liver development, and that Tbx2/Tbx3, Tbx18 and Tbx20 are crucial for regionalization of the heart into distinct chambers. Biochemical and molecular analyses of T-box proteins including the identification of protein interaction partners and target genes shall now provide a more detailed molecular understanding how these T-box transcription factors exert their tissue-specific function in control of lung growth (Tbx2/Tbx3), hepatobiliary fate decision (Tbx3) and cardiac inflow tract development (Tbx18). We also wish to identify the regulatory circuits, i.e. signaling pathways and transcriptional activities acting upstream, in parallel to, or downstream of Tbx genes in patterning, differentiation and morphogenesis of mesendodermal organs.


Further Research Projects

  • Outside the REBIRTH Cluster of Excellence we pursue various projects characterizing the genetic control of early limb, kidney, inner ear and particularly ureter organogenesis that are funded by the DFG, the EU and the Niedersachsen-Israel initiative: Function and regulation of Tbx18 in ureter development. Function of Wnt signaling in ureter development. Signaling in smooth muscle cell differentiation of the ureter. Tbx2/Tbx3 in lung and kidney development. Mesothelial mobilization and differentiation.


  • Rannar Airik, Price of the Symposium of the Ph.D. programme ‘Molecular Medicine’, Hannover (2006)
  • Thomas Grieskamp, Oliver Trowe, Andreas Kispert, Poster-Award of the Leibniz Symposium ‘Transplantation and Regeneration of Thoracic Organs’, LEBAO, Hannover (2006)
  • Manvendra Kumar Singh MHH PhDPrize ‘Molecular Medicine’ (2006)
  • Rannar Airik, MHH Ph.D.-Prize ‘Molecular Medicine’ (2008)
  • Henner Farin, PhD Prize of Hannover Medical School (2009)
  • Andreas Kispert, Ruysch Lecture, Amsterdam Medical Center, Amsterdam (2010)
  • Thomas Grieskamp, PhD Prize of Hannover Medical School (2011)
  • Julia Norden, PhD Prize of Hannover Medical School (2011)


  • M.Sc. Biomedicine, B.Sc. Biology, Ph.D. programme


2013 - ongoing


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