Proliferation Control

In the second funding period, this research project will be pursued within Unit 3.2 Hepatobiliary Regeneration.


Our laboratory is working on basic mechanisms of cell proliferation specifically with respect to the proliferation of hepatocytes. We are particularly interested in understanding cell proliferation processes during liver cell regeneration but also under conditions of tumorigenesis. Another focus of our work is to understand the molecular processes which control cell cycle control in hepatic stem cells.

Research Focus

The aim of our research group cell proliferation is to study basic mechanisms of cell proliferation in oder to overcome limits to proliferation. The induction of proliferation in quiescent cells harbors the risk to induce genetic damage which might lead to malignant transformation of the modified cells. It is therefore essential to understand the limitations of genetic manipulation with respect to the induction of genetic instability and tumorigenesis. Principally the research group is following three main routes: A) study the function of proteins involved in protein turnover by ubiquitylation as targets for inducing proliferation (Cullins, F-Box Proteins) B) Generate new mouse models with modifications in G1 control proteins (p27, Cyclin E) C) Establish assay systems for the identification of regenerative substances.


  • M. Kalesse, A. Kirschning, Leibniz University Hannover, Organic chemistry dept., identifying natural substances to control proliferation processes
  • D. Manstein, Hannover Medical School, Biophysical chemistry dept., to establish assay systems to identify regenerative substances
  • J.Singer, Portland State University, to study liver stem cell proliferation in vivo

Further Research Projects

  • Project leader within Clinical Research Group 119: ‘Molecular fundamentals and approaches to consecutive therapy in in hepatocellular carcinoma’
  • Project leader in SFB 738 ‘Optimising conventional and innovative transplants’
  • Leader of the TransMedLab at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig; funding under the BMBF’s BioProfile Initiative


  • Internal Medicine Courses and Lectures
  • Lectures in cell cycle control, Ph.D. programme ‘Molecular Medicine’
  • Cell Biology lectures, Biology Students at LUH

Equipment and Service Facilities

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[Please find the publications of this workgroup here]

Further Information


Prof. Dr. Nisar P. Malek. Malek.Nisar (at)
Dr. Uta Kossatz Kossatz.Uta (at)
Dr. Przemyslaw Bozko bozko.przemyslaw (at)
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