Equal Opportunity

REBIRTH strongly believes in excellence irrespective of gender, family status or nationality. The Cluster is strongly supported in this regard by the equal opportunities offices of the respective institutions.

Hannover Medical School - MHH

Support of female scientists

MHH's mentoring program for women is called after after Professor Ina Pichlmayr, former head of anaesthesiology at MHH.

It is complemented by the Ellen-Schmidt Program which supports women researchers in obtaining their post-doctoral lecturing qualification ("Habilitation"). On 1st April 1977 Professor Ellen Schmidt was elected the first and so far only female rector of MHH.

REBIRTH contributes funds for gender equality measures to the equal opportunites office. Pooled with funds from other collaborative research centres this enables support structure tailored to the needs of the participating female scientists.

Support of parent scientists

MHH's equal opportunities office offers a web-portal for family affairs.

Parent Scientists in REBIRTH have a priority right to places in the "Hirtenkinder" day-care centre. Daily childcare is complemented by emergency and holiday child care offers.

Leibniz University Hannover - LUH

The Equal Opportunities Office Leibniz Universität Hannover has three foci:



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