Transferable Skills

A successful career in science, in and outside academia not only depends on your research skills but also on your soft or transferable skills. REBIRTH researchers have access to a large variety of different courses qualifying them for different career paths and enabling them to make informed career decisions.

Hannover Medical School - MHH

MHH's graduate school - the Hannover Biomedical Research School - HBRS - offers continued learning opportunities to the members of its various PhD programs. Some recent examples are listed to the right.

HBRS offers an annual career day providing multiple career perspectives for scientists. Those insights are given - among others - by HBRS alumni.

HBRS is also home to the TRAIN academy - a 2 year continuous professional education programme "Translational Research & Medicine: From Idea to Product" providing a comprehensive overview of translational research & medicine. Apply now for the 2018 intake until the end of September 2018!

REBIRTH offers up to 3 stipends for the TRAIN academy, i.e. will pay for your participation fee. Stipend applications can be submitted until 21st September 2018 to pelz.daniela [at]

MHH's Young Faculty Program for advanced training of medical and life scientists is also under the auspices of HBRS.

MHH has established a "Weiterbildungsakademie" (academy of professional development) for science, teaching and medicine.

Scientists in leading positions can participate in the program "Gemeinsam in Führung gehen" (program on joined leadership).

Leibniz Universität Hannover - LUH

LUH's Graduate academy is the the central coordination and service facility for all young academics at Leibniz Universität Hannover providing numerous training and qualification options.

LUH has established numerours additional offers of further education open to all University personnel, as well as any guest or senior students.




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