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Hartung, Dagmar

Hartung, Dagmar, PD. Dr. med.


REBIRTH Unit Functional and Molecular MRI, Institut für Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, MHH

Biography / About

Date of Birth:December, 1960
Function:Senior Physician (Oberärztin)


09/1980 – 08/1986Medical Studies, Leibniz Universität Hannover
08/1986License to practice Medicine
08/1986Diploma, Pediatric Cardiology
09/1986 – 10/1989Residency, Pediatrics, St. Georg Hospital Leipzig
10/1990 – 12/1990Residency, General Practitioner, Coppenbrügge
01/1991 – 04/1993Residency, Internal Medicine, Deister Süntel Hospital, Bad Münder
06/1996 – 05/2000Residency, Nuclear Medicine, University Magdeburg
03/1999Doctoral Thesis, (Magna cum laude)
05/2000Board Examination Nuclear Medicine
01/2005 – 02/2010Residency, Radiology, Hannover MEdical School (MHH)
07/2009Postdoctoral lecture qualification”Privatdozentin” Experimental Radiology
11/2011Board Examination Radiology

Academic appointments and Research posts:

12/1995Research, Animal lab, Minneapolis, USA, bidectional monophasic impuls stimulation in animal model
06/2000 – 06/2003Senior Physician Nuclear Medicine, University Magdeburg
01/2000 – 04/2001Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Drexel-University Philadelphia, PA, USA(Supervisor: Prof. Jagat Narula)
03/2002 – 06/2003Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Drexel-University Philadelphia, PA, USA (Supervisor: Prof. Jagat Narula, The Mount Sinai Hospital, NY, USA) Project: Molecular imaging of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque by radionuclides
07/2003 – 12/2004Senior Physician Nuclear Medicine, MHH
Since 03/2010Senior Physician Radiology, MHH

Other professional activities:

Since 05/2011Q3-Instructor for Cardiac Computed Tomography and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging, AG Herz-und Gefäßdiagnostik, German Radiological Society

Awards and Prizes:

2003Fujisawa Young Investigator Award, 8th Annual Scientific Sessions, American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, Indianapolis, USA
2003Young Investigator Award, Runners-Up, 50th Annual Scientific Session Cardiovascular Council, Society of Nuclear Medicine, New Orleans, USA
2003Best of the best Abstracts Award, 6th International Conference of Nuclear cardiology 2003, Florence, Italy
2013Clinical Stipend, International Society of Magnetic resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)

Major research interests:

  • Cardiovascular imaging
  • Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
  • Cardiac computertomography
  • Nuclear imaging
  • Functional and molecular magnetic resonance imaging

Selected Publications:

  1. Kahl KG, Herrmann J, Stubbs B, Krüger THC, Cordes J, Deutschle M, Schweiger U, Hüper K, Helm S, Birkenstock A, Hartung D. Pericardial adipose tissue and the metabolic syndrome is increased in patients with chronic major depressive disorder compared to acute depression and controls. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2017 Jan 4;72:30-35.
  2. Hueper K, Khalifa AA, Bräsen JH, Vo Chieu VD, Gutberlet M, Wintterle S, Lehner F, Richter N, Peperhove M, Tewes S, Weber K, Haller H, Waker F, Gwinner W, Gueler F, Hartung D. Diffusion-Weighted imaging and diffusion tensor imaging detect delayed graft function and correlate with allograft fibrosis in patients early after kidney transplantation. J Magn Reson Imaging 2016 Jul: 44(1):112-21. Epub 2016 Jan 18.
  3. Hueper K, Gueler F, Bräsen JH, Gutberlet M, Jang M, Lehner F, Richter N, Hanke N, Peperhoe M, Martirosian P, Tewes S, Großhennig A, Hermann H, Wacker F, Gwinner W, Hartung D. Functional MRI detects perfusion impairment in renal allografts with delayed graft function. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2015 Jun 15; 308(12):F1444-51.
  4. Hueper K*, Peperhove M*, Rong S, Gerstenberg J, Mengel M, Meier M, Gutberlet M, Tewes S, Barrmeyer A, Chen R, Haller H, Wacker F, Hartung D#, Gueler F#. T1-mapping for assessment of ischemia-induced acute kidney injury and prediction of chronic kidney disease in mice. Eur Radiol 2014; 24(9):2252-60. *contributed equally as first authors, #contributed equally as last authors
  5. Kahl KG, Hueper K, Gutberlet M, Detlef AM, Weiss C, von Bohlen A, Schweiger U, Pul R, Lichtinghagen R, Wacker F, Hartung D. Pericardial, intra-abdominal and subdutaneous adipose tissue in patients with major depressive disorder. Acta Psychiat Scand 2014; 130(2):137-43.
  6. Haider N*, Hartung D*, Fujimoto S*, Petrov A, Kolodgie FD, Virmani R, Ohshima S, Liu H, Zhou J, Fujimoto A, Tahara A, Hofstra L, Narula N, Reutelingsperger C, Narula J. Dual molecular imaging for targeting metalloproteinase activity and apoptosis in atherosclerosis: molecular imaging facilitates understanding of pathogenesis. J Nucl Cardiol. 2009 Sep-Oct;16(5):753-62. Epub 2009 Aug 7. *contributed equally as first authors
  7. Fujimoto S, Hartung D, Ohshima S, Edwards DS, Zhou J, Yalamanchili P, Azure M, Fujimoto A, Isobe S, Matsumoto Y, Boersma H, Wong N, Yamazaki J, Narula N, Petrov A, Narula J. Molecular imaging of matrix metalloproteinase in atherosclerotic lesions. Resolution with dietary modification and statin therapy. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2008, Dec 2; 52(23):1847-57. *contributed equally as first authors
  8. Hartung D, Petrov A, Haider N, Fujimoto S, Blankenberg F, Fujimoto A, Virmani R, Kolodgie FD, Strauss HW, Narula J. Radiolabeled Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 1 for the Detection of Inflammation in Experimental Atherosclerosis. J Nucl Med. 2007; 48:1816–1821.
  9. Sarai M*, Hartung D*, Petrov A, Zhou J, Narula N, Hofstra L, Kolodgie F, Isobe S, Fujimoto S, Vanderheyden J-L, Virmani R, Reutelingsperger C, Wong ND, Gupta S, Narula J. Broad and Specific Caspase Inhibitor-Induced Acute Repression of Apoptosis in Atherosclerotic Lesions Evaluated by Radiolabeled Annexin A5 Imaging. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2007; 50:2305–12. *contributed equally as first authors
  10. Hartung D, Schafers M, Fujimoto S, Levkau B, Narula N, Kopka K, Virmani R, Reutelingsperger C, Hofstra L, Kolodgie FD, Petrov A, Narula J. Targeting of matrix metalloproteinase activation for noninvasive detection of vulnerable atherosclerotic lesions. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2007; 34, Suppl 1:S1-8.

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