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Braun, Armin

Braun, Armin, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

REBIRTH Unit Preclinical Safety and Toxicology

Fraunhofer Institut für Toxikologie und Experimentelle Medizin (ITEM)
Nicolai-Fuchs-Str. 1
30625 Hannover


Biography / About

Date of Birth:April, 1969
Function:Division director


June 1988High school entrance degree (Abitur)
1988 - 1990Studies in biology II (molecular biology), University of Basel, Switzerland
1990 - 1994Studies in biology, Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg, Germany
1994 - 1995Diploma work, Prof. Dr. Otten, Institute of Physiology, University Basel, “Interleukin-6 induced modulation of the NGF receptor system”
1995 - 1999PhD work, Prof. Dr. Renz, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Charité, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, “The role of NGF in allergic asthma”
2006Post-doctoral lecturing qualification (Habilitation) in “Immunology”
2006Venia legendi for “Immunology”

Academic appointments and Research posts:

1999-2001Scientific Assistant (“post doc”), Prof. Dr. Renz, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany
2001-2006Head of the Working Group of Immunology and Allergology, Fraunhofer Institute of Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Hannover, Germany
2006Assistant Professor for Immunology at the Medical School Hannover (MHH)
Since 2006Head of the Department of Immunology, Allergology and Immunotoxicology, Fraunhofer Institute of Toxicology and Experimental Medicine
Since 2011Professor for Immunology (W3) of the respiratory tract at MHH (part time) and Head of Department of Airway Immunology at Fraunhofer ITEM
Since 2014Division Director Preclinical Pharmacology and In Vitro Toxicology, Fraunhofer ITEM

Other professional activities:

Assistant Professor for Immunology at MHH

Awards and Prizes:

1999NIH-grant travel award. Travel award for Keystone Symposia “Asthma”
2004Herbert-Herxheimer-Award (German Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology). For "The Neurotrophins Nerve Growth Factor. Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Neurotrophin-3, and Neurotrophin-4 are Survival and Activation Factors for Eosinophils in Patients with Allergic Bronchial Asthma" by Nassenstein C, Braun A, Erpenbeck VJ, Lommatzsch M, Schmidt S, Krug N, Luttmann W, Renz H, Virchow JC Jr.
2005Research Price of the DGP (German Society of Pneumology). Postgraduate award for Phd work of Tibor Veres
2008The Abcam Award 2008 (World Immune Regulation Meeting in Davos)
2008DGAKI-Nachwuchsförderpreis 2008 (German Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology). For “Spatial interactions between dendritic cells and sensory nerves in allergic airway inflammation". Veres TZ, Rochlitzer S, Shevchenko M, Fuchs B, Prenzler F, Nassenstein C, Fischer A, Welker L, Holz O, Müller M, Krug N, Braun A. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2007;37:553-61

Major research interests:

His main focus is the preclinical development and evaluation of new therapeutics for lung disease. For this work he collaborates with the major pharmaceutical and biotech companies from Europe, US and Japan. Therefore, he has extensive experience with animal models of lung disease like asthma, COPD, fibrosis and lung infection. Based on these knowledge alternative in vitro and ex vivo disease models are developed e.g. using precision cut lung slice (PCLS) technique for testing lung toxicology and immune regulation. To strengthen the translational aspects of his work he is developing additional human ex vivo models like Precision Cut Liver Slices or Precision Cut Lymph Node Slices. These models are treated with disease inducing agents like bacteria, viruses, smoke, tumor cells etc. resulting in translational human disease models available for efficacy testing of new therapeutics.

His work is embedded in industrial collaborations as well as by different EU and federal research agencies. He is member of the German center of lung research (DZL) and the Excellence Cluster Rebirth as well as the DFG Priority Programme „Mast Cells – Promoters of Health and Modulators of Disease” (SPP 1394). He was active in the collaborative research network SFB587 “Immune reactions of the lung in infection and allergy” for 12 years, where the interaction of nervous system and immune reactions in asthma was the focus of research.


Detailed funding of ongoing projects DFG/BMBF/EU

Issue Funding source Time
Asthma, PCLS, RSV Infection induced exacerbation of asthma BMBF - DZL 2011-2019
Asthma, neuro-immune Interaction in the lung, Mast cell biology DFG Br2126/3-1 2012-2016
Regeneration, Toxicology of cell therapy products Rebirth ExcellenceCluster BMBF 2014-2018
Cell therapy, Toxicology of cell therapy products iCARE, BMBF 2016-2019

Selected Publications:

  1. Neuhaus V, Chichester JA, Ebensen T, Schwarz K, Hartman CE, Shoji Y, Guzmán CA, Yusibov V, Sewald K, Braun A. A new adjuvanted nanoparticle-based H1N1 influenza vaccine induced antigen-specific local mucosal and systemic immune responses after administration into the lung. Vaccine. 2014 May 30;32(26):3216-22.
  2. Neuhaus V, Schwarz K, Klee A, Seehase S, Förster C, Pfennig O, Jonigk D, Fieguth HG, Koch W, Warnecke G, Yusibov V, Sewald K, Braun A. Functional testing of an inhalable nanoparticle based influenza vaccine using a human precision cut lung slice technique. PLoS One. 2013 Aug 13;8(8):e71728.
  3. Veres TZ, Voedisch S, Spies E, Valtonen J, Prenzler F, Braun A. Aeroallergen challenge promotes dendritic cell proliferation in the airways. J Immunol. 2013 Feb 1;190(3):897-903.
  4. Voedisch S, Rochlitzer S, Veres TZ, Spies E, Braun A. Neuropeptides control the dynamic behavior of airway mucosal dendritic cells. PLoS One. 2012;7(9):e45951.
  5. Rochlitzer S, Veres TZ, Kühne K, Prenzler F, Pilzner C, Knothe S, Winkler C, Lauenstein HD, Willart M, Hammad H, Müller M, Krug N, Lambrecht BN, Braun A. The neuropeptide calcitonin gene-related peptide affects allergic airway inflammation by modulating dendritic cell function. Clin Exp Allergy. 2011 Nov;41(11):1609-21.
  6. Veres TZ, Voedisch S, Spies E, Tschernig T, Braun A. Spatiotemporal and functional behavior of airway dendritic cells visualized by two-photon microscopy. Am J Pathol. 2011 Aug;179(2):603-9.
  7. Lauenstein HD, Quarcoo D, Plappert L, Schleh C, Nassimi M, Pilzner C, Rochlitzer S, Brabet P, Welte T, Hoymann HG, Krug N, Müller M, Lerner EA, Braun A, Groneberg DA. Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating peptide receptor 1 mediates anti-inflammatory effects in allergic airway inflammation in mice.Clin Exp Allergy. 2011 Apr;41(4):592-601
  8. Switalla S, Lauenstein L, Prenzler F, Knothe S, Förster C, Fieguth HG, Pfennig O, Schaumann F, Martin C, Guzman CA, Ebensen T, Müller M, Hohlfeld JM, Krug N, Braun A, Sewald K. Natural innate cytokine response to immunomodulators and adjuvants in human precision-cut lung slices. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2010 Aug 1;246(3):107-15.
  9. Fuchs B, Knothe S, Rochlitzer S, Nassimi M, Greweling M, Lauenstein HD, Nassenstein C, Müller M, Ebensen T, Dittrich AM, Krug N, Guzman CA, Braun A. A Toll-like receptor 2/6 agonist reduces allergic airway inflammation in chronic respiratory sensitisation to Timothy grass pollen antigens. Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 2010;152(2):131-9
  10. Veres TZ, Shevchenko M, Krasteva G, Spies E, Prenzler F, Rochlitzer S, Tschernig T, Krug N, Kummer W, Braun A.Dendritic cell-nerve clusters are sites of T cell proliferation in allergic airway inflammation. Am J Pathol. 2009 Mar;174(3):808-17.

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