REBIRTH's Mission Statement

REBIRTH’s work

We develop new therapies from regenerative sciences and medicine.
We create synergies by connecting biomedical science and biotechnology to clinical practice.
We educate young people, for both genders equally and irrespective of their cultural background.
We actively promote international cooperation in research and patient care.

REBIRTH’s values

We view excellence, responsibility and fairness as the most important values in science and patient care.
We carefully consider ethical and legal aspects in the development of therapeutic and preventive concepts.
We respect acknowledged ethical and legal standards in performing research on human subjects, human embryos and experimental animals.

REBIRTH’s perspectives

Our therapies will allow treatment of genetic, acquired and degenerative disease of the heart, lung, liver and blood, but will translate to other organ systems.
Our scientific results will help to prevent degeneration and enable regeneration.
Our clinical and economical exploitation strategy will support the dissemination of therapies into the global health system.

REBIRTH’s roots

MHH entertains one of the most active and progressive organ transplantation centres worldwide.
MHH has a strong track record in pioneering treatment of end-stage organ disease.
We have cooperated by intensive exchange of people and ideas for many decades.
REBIRTH was founded on a strong fundament of interdisciplinary research, connecting basic science and biotechnology to patient care.

Note: The four categories (work, values, perspectives, roots) were derived from the mission statement of the Humboldt foundation.

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