Germany offers two different ways of obtaining a doctoral degree: the traditional model of individual studies supervised by a university professor or entry into a structured PhD program. This also holds true for the REBIRTH Cluster of Excellence. Professors and research group leaders can supervise individual doctoral studies or be a member of a structured PhD program - quite often they offer both possibilites. Within the same lab you may find doctoral students obtaining their doctoral degree following different regulations. This page gives you a comprehensive overview on the different possibilitis of how to become a doctoral student within REBIRTH.

General information on obtaining a doctoral title in Germany is e.g. provided by the DAAD - The German Academic Exchange Service:

Hannover Medical School - MHH

In 2007 REBIRTH inaugurated the PhD Program Regenerative Sciences. This PhD Program is integrated into HBRS - the Hannover Biomedical Reserach School - MHH's graduate school. Detailed information on the PhD Program can be found on its web-pages.

REBIRTH research groups also host doctoral students enrolled in the MD/PhD Program "Molecular Medicine" and rarely in the PhD Program "Infection Biology" & "DEWIN".

Graduates in the life and natural sciences can also do individual studies at MHH leading to a Dr. rer. nat.

Medical Students have the possibility to obtain a Dr. med. degree by enrolling into the HBRS programs StrucMed (experimental doctoral studies) or KlinStrucMed (clinical doctoral studies). Additionally, MHH offers individual doctoral studies leading to a Dr. med..

Leibniz Universität Hannover - LUH

REBIRTH also includes research groups at Leibniz Universität Hannover. Doctoral students in those groups can apply to the PhD Program Regenerative Sciences; they can however also join certain doctoral programs organized in GRANAT - the Graduate School of Natural Sciences at the Leibniz Universität Hannover. Leibniz Universität Hannover of course also offers individual doctoral studies. Doctoral degrees are awarded by the university's faculties. You thus need to find to which faculty your prospective supervisor belongs to find the respective PhD rules and regulations.

The first step towards your doctoral degree is however finding a research topic that you would like to pursue and identifying the group that allows you to do that. Please refer to our Research Section.

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