REBIRTH researcher render safer gene vector for gene therapy

A new form of gene therapy may offer a safe and effective way to treat a severe immune deficiency that is fatal unless treated in infancy. REBIRTH researchers assisted to refine the gene therapy approach to hopefully negate the... [more]

The heart valve of the future is already here

For over 15 years, a team of heart surgeons led by Professor Axel Haverich, head of the Department of Cardiac, Thoracic, Transplantation and Vascular Surgery (HTTG) at MHH, has been working on a new procedure for biological heart... [more]

Zebrafish: blood flow regulates ventricular development

During cardiac development, onset of heartbeat and blood flow occurs concurrently with the formation of the ventricles. At this stage, the heart is a tube with the muscle tissue (the myocardium) on the outside and a blood vessel... [more]

Welcome to REBIRTH

With the enthusiastic support of six important partner institutions, Hannover Medical School (MHH) in 2006 has established a Cluster of Excellence in the area of Regenerative Biology and Reconstructive Therapies, acronym REBIRTH. 

The goal of the Excellence Initiative is to strengthen cutting-edge research in Germany and to improve its international competitiveness. Outstanding projects are funded as Clusters of Excellence which focus on the research potential at university locations in Germany and, hence, strengthen their international visibility.