Application Guidelines


The online application platform is jointly used by the three annual international PhD Programs of Hannover Biomedical Research School (HBRS): Molecular Medicine, Infection Biology / DEWIN, and Regenerative Sciences. You will be asked for your preferred 1st and 2nd choice. Please note that a second choice must be well explained in your letter of motivation (see below, 10. Research Interest).

Following the program choice the application platform is subdivided into 12 different sections each of which contains a brief description on what you are asked for at the top. In each section you will be asked for certain information as well as to upload specific documents. Below you will find a list including all documents you will be asked to upload (some are mandatory, others are optional) as well as longer texts that you will have to write. The list is sorted according to the sections of the application platform.

Please note:

  • Each field comes with a short description. Please read it carefully and stick to the given instructions.
  • Fields required for submission need to be filled in and carry an exclamation mark. Once these fields were successfully filled in they are ticked in green.
  • filenames of uploads should be short, in English and not contain any spaces or special characters!
  • For scanned documents please upload either unprotected PDF files (recommended) or JPEG files. All uploads have a size restriction of 2 MB each, so please take care that uploads are not too big. We recommend scanning documents with 300dpi. If a document consists of more than one page it is recommended to combine those pages into a single PDF. This can be done easily by using Acrobat or other PDF generating programs that are available as freeware.

Profile - uploads

  • Your CV should contain the following information (if applicable): Specifics to your person, education including information on academic performance, professional and research experience, awards/prizes/scholarships received, list of publications and outside interests. Please be concise and clear - your CV should be no longer than 2-3 pages.
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Education - upoads


  • transcript of records or any other list of subjects you learned and grades you received 
  • certificate, showing that you successfully passed the (final) exam

In case your first degree was not a Bachelor please provide an equivalent document such as your 'Vordiplom', 'Physikum' or any other first degree you may have received. If in doubt as to what to provide please get in touch with us.


  • transcript of records or any other list of subjects you learned and grades you received
  • if already available, certificate showing that you successfully passed the (final) exam

Please note:

You may apply to the program even if you haven't finished your Master (or equivalent) studies at the  time of application. In this case please indicate when you expect to finish your studies. You will have to provide your certificate latest 6 months after you started the PhD Program.

Additional Degrees (only if applicable)

  • transcript of records or any other list of subjects and grades
  • certificate, showing that you successfully passed the (final) exam

Honors & Awards

Please list any honors, awards or scholarships you received that are relevant to your application. Include dates, a short description and/or an uploaded document.

Languages & Tests

  • Please document your proficiency in English if this is not your native language. If you studied English for at least 7 years, a language test is not obligatory.
  • Please indicate if you have taken any tests such as GRE, GRE subject, GATE, etc. and upload the respective certificate.


Please list your current or most recent relevant employment (if applicable). You may also include relevant unpaid work experience.


First Referee

Please name your current supervisor as your first referee. Please ensure that the email address is absolutely correct. The system will send a link and code (login) to your referee, so that he or she could fill in and upload the evaluation letter directly to your application file!

Second Referee

Please name your second referee who will write a letter of recommendation on your behalf.

Research Interest

  • You will be asked to choose three research areas you are most interested in from a drop-down menue.
  • You have up to 2.000 characters to describe your motivation for applying to the chosen PhD Program(s). Please write a short essay about current scientific interests and your expectations from HBRS. Please specify what you would like to do during your PhD studies. In this section you also may discuss your preferences indicated above.
  • You have up to 1.500 characters to describe your research experience: Please give the title and a description of your Master, Diploma, (thesis) research, or equivalent. Indicate the significance, the aims and your contributions and state the number of months of research involved. If you carried out other research prior to your Diploma, or since then, please describe it briefly in a separate paragraph. List publications, if any. Please specify which methods you used.
  • Please upload a short description of the most recent and/or most important project that you have already worked on or are working on at the moment. DO NOT upload a description of a project you are planning to work on in the future. Files must be less than 10 MB.


You may use up to 500 characters to describe your outside interests and activities.


You may use up to 500 characters to include any additional information that you consider relevant to your application.

High School & Add. Uploads

Please upload your high school diploma and any additional documents supporting your application. Please note that we need certificates either in German or English!


  • Choose from a drop down menue how you learned about HBRS.
  • HBRS is in contact with many expert scientists in Hannover region who are interested in recruiting qualified PhD students. Please indicate whether you would like us to make your application accessible to those qualified colleagues outside of HBRS, in case your application to HBRS is not successful.
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