General Information


Some students accepted into the program receive a stipend paid for by the program; the others are paid by the respective research group (stipend or staff position). Thus, all students accepted into the program receive approximately € 1500 per month.

Tuition fees

No tuition fees are charged. Students only have to pay an enrolment fee of currently € 375,57 twice a year, i.e. for each semester. This fee includes a ticket for the public transport system in the city and region of Hannover.

Living expenses

According to the Student Services Organisation (Studentenwerk Hannover), average living expenses amount to approximately € 900,- to € 1100,- per month. This includes the following costs:

Rent € 297,- 
Food € 172,- 
Clothing € 54,- 
Travelling € 38,-
Car € 104,-
Health insurance € 80,- to € 240,-
Telephone / www € 36,- 
Study material € 34,- 
Leisure time activies € 72,- 

Please note that these are average values which only intend to give you an idea on your living expenses. The real costs strongly depend on your personal live style.


Students can apply for a room in a student residency. Rooms are fully furnished and available from € 196,- to € 289,- including internet access. Private accommodation is also a good option. Further information can be found on the Hannover student services organisation (Studentenwerk) web-pages on rooms and residences.

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