Area M Management and its human resources

Alongside its research activities, the development of human resources is important for the long-term success of the REBIRTH Cluster of Excellence.

Established in 2007, the Ph.D. programme in ‘Regenerative Sciences’ enables participants to forge a career in the field of regenerative medicine; it combines different research activities and fosters communication within the Cluster of Excellence. This programme was integrated within HBRS and has benefited from this graduate school’s considerable experience in designing and implementing an international graduate course. Since 2007, a total of 88 students have been enrolled. Of these, 50 have received (or are receiving) a REBIRTH scholarship, with the rest being funded by their respective work groups. Currently, 38 international students from 20 different countries are enrolled in the program (Austria, Belarus, China, Colombia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Turkey, and Ukraine).

We also actively support the career development of Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers in the Cluster, and run an alumni programme to stay in touch with our former members. In 2011 we introduced the ‘Research Gap Year’, an innovative scheme designed to attract school graduates to science. Area D is also carrying out numerous measures aimed at motivating and supporting female academics and encouraging them to pursue a career in science. We have introduced childcare support as well as mentoring programmes for female scientists and plan further improvements in the next funding period. To promote sustainability, we combine financial and strategic measures to implement a sustainable ‘corporate identity’, thus establishing the Cluster as a key player in regenerative medicine.