Automated and quantitative microscopy of intracellular trafficking

Research Focus

The Sodeik team investigates the cell biology of human pathogenic herpes simplex virus in epithelial cells, neurons and dendritic cells that are also infected during the natural HSV1-induced diseases. Using biochemical, cell biological, pharmacological and siRNA silencing approaches, we are characterizing the relevant interactions between viral and host proteins that are required for expression by a HSV1-based vector or by the infectious HSV1 pathogen. Our aims are to eliminate potential barriers that may limit the expression of therapeutic molecules by HSV1-based vectors. Furthermore, our studies contribute to the identification of essential HSV1 host interactions that may be used as new target structures for the development of new antiviral therapies.


  • Prof. L. Pelkmans, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, Genomewide siRNA Screens to identify host barriers to efficient expression of therapeutic proteins using HSV based vectors
  • Prof. Ileana Cristea, Princeton University, Quantitative Mass Spectrometry of HSV1 viral-host protein complexes
  • Prof. V. Hukkanen, University of Turku, Finland, Gene therapy of autoimmune CNS disease using replicative HSV vectors
  • Dr. Rudolf Bauerfeind, Hannover Medical School, The role of tegument proteins for HSV1 assembly
  • Prof. G. Behrens, REBIRTH Unit Engineered antigen-presenting cells and artificial lymph nodes, Hannover Medical School, The cell entry of HSV1 in dendritic cells
  • Prof. Dr. A. Schambach, Prof. C. Baum, REBIRTH Unit Regenerative Gene Therapy, Hannover Medical School, Cell entry and nuclear import of lentiviral vectors
  • Prof. M. Messerle, Hannover Medical School, BAC based mutagenesis of HSV

Further Research Projects

  • DFG ERANET: NanoSci+: Nanocommunication: How viral particles convince cells to let them inside (DFG So403/4) together with G. Wuite (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), K. Grünewald (University of Oxford, UK) and A. Harel (Technion University, Haifa) 
  • DFG SFB 900: Chronic Infections: Microbial Persistence and its Control, TP C2 Establishing a Persistent Herpes Simplex Virus Infection in Peripheral Nerve Ganglia
  • N-RENNT – Niedersachsen-Research Network on Neuroinfektiology, “Host-Pathogen Interactions in HSV infected neurons and immune cells


  • Beate Sodeik is responsible for teaching ‘Virology’ in the Master programs BIOMEDICINE and BIOCHEMISTRY at Hannover Medical School. Moreover she offers lectures, tutorials and practical courses within the structured Ph.D. programs Molecular Medicine and Infection Biology of the HBRS (Hannover Biomedical School).


2013 - ongoing


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2006 - 2012


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