Histopathology of Animal Models and Teratoma - Veterinary Pathology


We provide a competent platform for histopathological analyses of animal models and stem cell research.

Research Focus

This Unit, located in the Institute for Laboratory Animal Science, works closely with various groups from the MHH as well as other institutions, by processing histological samples and providing tailored advice for project-specific morphological and histopathological questions. Routinely, this includes teratoma diagnostic in stem cell research. We assist working groups prior to the start of a project in order to find the most effective approach to acquire correct histological data. 

Additionally, we develop project-specific methods/sections, staining and analysis. Essentially, the development of a histopathologic score and blinded analysis by a trained pathologist is inevitable in order to provide the scientific investigator with reliable, significant, and publishable scientific data. Additionally, we have the ability to perform haematological analysis of different laboratory species (SCIL Vet ABC) and measure a broad spectrum of serum parameters (Olympus AU 400). At the moment, we are collecting data to establish the basic hematologic and serum parameters of the commonly used mouse and rat strains to provide our cooperation partners with. 

With our collaboration partners, the Institute for Pathology and the ITEM, we have access to a broad network with scientific expertise and state of the art equipment.


  • U. Martin, S. Wunderlich, Ch. Mauritz, REBIRTH Unit iPSCs for Disease Modelling. Drug Screening and Cell Therapy, LEBAO, MHH, Teratoma Diagnostic
  • Th. Moritz, Rebirth Unit iPSCs based Haematopoietic Regeneration, MHH, Teratoma Diagnostic
  • Th. Müller, former REBIRTH Unit Embryonic Stem Cells, Institute for Transfusion Medicine, MHH, Teratoma Diagnostic
  • M. Dorsch, N.-H. Zschemisch, former REBIRTH Unit Embryonic Stem Cells, Institute for Laboratory Animal Science, MHH, Teratoma Diagnostic
  • T. Cathomen, Transfusion Medicine, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Teratoma Diagnostic
  • Ch. Baum, E. Coci, Institute of Experimental Hematology, MHH; Characterisation of a wasp-ko mouse model
  • M. Dorsch, D. Wedekind, Institute for Laboratory Animal Science MHH; Characterisation of a rag-ko rat model
  • M. Meier, REBIRTH Unit Small Animal MRI, Institute for Laboratory Animal Science, MHH; Combined Analysis of a rat model with deafness in histology and MRT
  • H. Niemann, St. Petkov, REBIRTH Unit Large Animal Models, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, Mariensee; Stem cell characterisation in a teratoma assay.
  • Klos, Med. Mikrobiologie, MHH; Chalmydia pneumoniea and asthma bronchiale in a mouse model.
  • T. Sparwasser, TWINCORE; Immune mechanisms in an asthma mouse model post infection by S. typhimurium.
  • P. Almeida, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research; Role of IFNg for the regulation of iNOS in a mouse model for influenza lung infection.
  • A. Pich, B. Chatterji, Institute for Toxicology, MHH; MALDI Imaging and Proteomics of rat brain in a rat model for Usher Syndrome.
  • D. Wedekind, Institute for Laboratory Animal Science, MHH; Functional analysis of T-cell dysregulation, dysfunction and dysmaturation in a rat model for human autoimmune diabetes.


2013 - ongoing


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