Ongoing educational guidance

As the scientific year provider under the auspices of the FSDJ scheme, MHH is required to ensure provision of ongoing educational guidance for the young people participating. Under relevant legislation (JDFG), each volunteer is entitled to 25 days’ paid study-leave (Seminartage). Time spent on study-leave is deemed part of the period of service, and attendance is compulsory. 

At MHH, as well as individual supervision, scientific year participants are provided with comprehensive seminars to help them explore personal and career prospects, as well as professional in-service training: covering good scientific practice, intercultural communication, job applications, etc. The programme is divided into five major seminar modules, and the seminars are organized by MHH’s ‘Personnel Academy’. 

Seminar Modules

  1. Introduction for New Staff, Scientific English, Encouraging-Training 
  2. Good Scientific Practice
  3. Communication Training, Social and Intercultural Competence
  4. Etiquette and Job Application Training for Professional Newcomers
  5. Presentation Training, Reflection