Work Group Leaders

Vogel, Arndt

Vogel, Arndt, Prof. Dr. med.

Work Group Leader

REBIRTH Unit Molecular Mechanisms of Endogenous Liver Regeneration Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endocrinology, Hannover Medical School

Biography / About

Date of Birth:March, 1971
Function:Senior consultant, Research Group leader


04/1991 - 11/1997Medical School, University of Göttingen
1997Medical Approbation by the State of Lower Saxony, Germnay
12/1999Doctor of Medicine, Dept. Of Clinical Chemistry, University of Göttingen, Prof. Dr. med. Michael Oellerich
02/2008Board Certification “Gastroenterology”
10/2009Venia legendi, Internal Medicine, Hannover Medical School (MHH), Prof. M.P. Manns
06/2010Board Certification “Internal Medicine”

Academic appointments and Research posts:

04/1998 - 12/1999Internal Medicine Internship, Dept. of Gastroenterology, Zentral Krankenhaus Mitte, Bremen, Prof. Dr. Arnold
01/2000 - 04/2002Internal Medicine Fellowship, Dept. of Gastroenterology, MHH, Prof. M. P. Manns
05/2002 - 10/2004Postdoctoral Fellow (sponsored by the German Research Foundation), Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, Oregon, Prof. Dr. med. M. Grompe
Since 2004Research Group Leader
11/2004 - 10/2009Internal Medicine Fellowship, Dept. of Gastroenterology, MHH, Prof. M.P. Manns
Since 10/2009Consultant in Internal Medicine (Oberarzt), Dept. of Gastroenterology, MHH, Prof. M. P. Manns
06/2012Associate (W2) Professor for Gastrointestinal Oncology, Dept. of Gastroenterology, MHH, Prof. M. P. Manns

Awards and Prizes:

2005 - 2010Max-Eder Fellow, German Cancer Aid
2016AIO Wissenschaftspreis

Major research interests:

  • Chronic liver diseases
  • Liver regeneration
  • Hepatocyte Transplantation
  • Apoptosis
  • Liver Cancer

Selected Publications:

  1. J Endig, LE Buitrago-Molina, S Marhenke, F Reisinger, A Saborowski, J Schütt, F Limbourg, C Könecke, A Schreder, A Michael, AC Misslitz, ME Healy, R Geffers, T Clavel, K Unger, M Finegold, A Weber, MP Manns, T Longerich, M Heikenwälder and A Vogel. Dual role of the adaptive immune system in liver injury and hepatocellular carcinoma development. Cancer Cell 2016; 27:S1535-6108
  2. J Orlik, S Schüngel, LE Buitrago-Molina, R Geffers, J Endig, S Marhenke, K Lobschat, S Rössler, B Goeppert, MP Manns, A Gross and A Vogel. The BH3-only protein BID impairs the p38-mediated stress response and promotes hepatocarcinogenesis during chronic liver injury in mice. Hepatology 2015; 62(3):816-28
  3. S Marhenke, LE Buitrago-Molina, J Endig, J Orlik, N Schweitzer, T Longerich, R Geffers, A Sánchez Muñoz, C Dorrell, S Katz, A Lechel, H Weng, T Krech, U Lehmann, S Dooley, KL Rudolph, MP Manns and A Vogel. p21 promotes Liver Regeneration and Hepatocarcinogenesis in Chronic Cholestatic Liver Injury. Gut, 2014 Sep;63(9):1501-12
  4. E Horwitz, I Stein, M Andreozzi, J Nemeth, A Shoham, O Pappo, N Schweitzer, L Tornillo, N Kanarek, L Quagliata, F Zreik, RM Porat, R Finkelstein, H Reuter, R Koschny, T Ganten, C Mogler, O Shibolet, J Hess, K Breuhahn, M Grunewald, P Schirmacher, A Vogel, L Terracciano, P Angel, Y Ben-Neriah & E Pikarsky. Human and mouse VEGFA-amplified hepatocellular carcinomas are highly sensitive to sorafenib treatment. Cancer Discovery, 2014; 4(6):730-43
  5. T Wuestefeld, M Pesic, T Longerich, TW Kang, T Yevsa, D Dauch, A Potapova, Ina Rittelmeier, M Jarek, R Geffers, M Scharfe , F Klawonn, NP Malek, P Schirmacher, M Ott, A Vogel, MP Manns and L Zender. A direct in vivo RNAi screen identifies MKK4 as a key regulator of liver regeneration. Cell, 2013; 11;153(2):389-401
  6. LE Buitrago-Molina, S Marhenke, T Longerich, AE Boukouris, R Geffers, B Guigas, MP Manns and A Vogel. The degree of liver injury determines the role of p21 in liver regeneration and hepatocarcinogenesis Livers. Hepatology, 2013; 58(3):1143–1152
  7. S Schüngel, LE Buitrago-Molina, P Nalapareddy, M Lebofsky, MP Manns, H Jaeschke, A Gross, and A Vogel. The Strength of the Fas Ligand Signal Determines Whether Hepatocytes Act as Type 1 or Type 2 Cells in Murine Livers. Hepatology, 2009; 50(5):1558-66
  8. LE Buitrago-Molina, D Pothiraju, J Lamlè, S Marhenke, U Kossatz, K Breuhahn, MP Manns, N Malek and A Vogel. mTOR inhibition impairs proliferation of hepatocytes with DNA damage during chronic liver injury thereby delaying liver tumor development. Hepatology, 2009; 50(2):500-509
  9. JE Aslan, HY, DM Williamson, J Endig, RT Youker, L Thomas, H Shu, Y Du, RL Milewski, MH Brush, A Possemato, K Sprott, H Fu, KD Greis, DN Runckel, A Vogel and G Thomas. Akt and 14-3-3 control a PACS-2 homeostatic switch that integrates membrane traffic with TRAIL-induced apoptosis. Molecular Cell, 2009; 14;34(4):497-509
  10. H Willenbring, AD Sharma, A Vogel, AY Lee, A Rothfuss, Z Wang, M Finegold and M Grompe. Loss of p21 Permits Carcinogenesis from Chronically Damaged Liver and Kidney Epithelial Cells Despite Unchecked Apoptosis.Cancer Cell, 2008; 14(1):59-67

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