Myocardial Tissue Engineering


The RG Myocardial Tissue Engineering aims at the establishment and characterization of bio-artificial cardiac tissues (BCTs) for future therapeutic applications. Currently, cardiac cells derived from the different stem cell types are analyzed for their potential to form functional cardiac tissues in combination with collagen based matrices. Functionality of these tissues is tested in a custom made bioreactor system, with a focus on contractility (frequency and force) and viability of the tissue.

Research Focus

One focus of our group is on different technological and mechanistic aspects of stem and progenitor cell biology. We have identified technical artefacts in analysing stem cell differentiation in coculture systems. Based on our work in lentiviral vector technology, we have developed vectors mediating cardiomyocyte-specific reporter gene expression. In the LEBAO, differentiation of murine and primate ESCs and iPS cells into mesendodermal cells and functional cardiomyocytes was demonstrated. Isolation, expansion and differentiation of adult resident cardiac stem cells are also investigated within this JRG. Differentiated cardiac cells are used to generate bioartificial cardiac tissues. Another specific aim of our JRG is the further development of a custom made bioreactor system, for tissue analysis and maturation. We are also focusing on the development of biocompatible matrices to generate surgically implantable tissue for the replacement of scar tissue or the reconstruction of congenital malformations.


A) within REBIRTH:

Further Research Projects

BMBF-Consortium: „Autologous Heart Tisue for Myocardial Repair“, subproject title „Induced pluripotent stem cells for cardiac repair“. BMBF, FKZ 01GN0520. BMBF “Integrated Research and Treatment Center Transplantation” (IFB-Tx), subproject title “Intramyocardial transplantation of adult stem cells for postinfarct myocardial regeneration during CABG surgery – establishment of GMP-conform culture protocols with respect to subsequent conduction of a phase I clinical trial.”


  • PhD program Regenerative Sciences
  • Lectures for MHH master class 'Biomedicine' & 'Biochemistry'


2013 - ongoing


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2006 - 2012


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