Regenerative Gene Therapy


The Research Group Regenerative Gene Therapy aims to reach the following goals:

  • Novel gene therapy approaches with improved efficacy and biosafety for use in otherwise difficult to treat diseases.
  • Clinical translation of gene therapy for at least one candidate disease.
  • Molecular therapeutics to fight immunodeficiencies, infections and cancer/leukemia.
  • Understand transcriptional networks governing (stem) cell identity to develop new tools for regenerative medicine, incl. reprogramming, transdifferentiation and disease modelling.
  • Support other groups with vector expertise for various genetic interventions.

Research Focus

In this Research Group we plan to

  • Develop efficient and more importantly safer systems for gene therapy.
  • Progress in preclinical validation of gene therapy strategies in appropriate mouse models.
  • Strengthen REBIRTH‘s contribution to (inter)national networks in advanced gene and cell manipulations.
  • Improve non-integrating retroviral vectors, incl. retroviral mRNA, episome and protein delivery.
  • Analyze retroviral vector-host interactions.


What we have achieved in the running and previous funding periods of the Cluster of Excellence REBIRTH:

  • Participation in clinical translation of gene therapy trials, e.g. international multicenter trial for X-SCID.
  • Bridge function between basic science and clinical translation, embedded in various (inter)national networks (e.g. SFB738, PidNet, Carpud, ASGCT, ESGCT, TAGTC, CellPID).
  • Formal REBIRTH link to Harvard/Boston: Axel Schambach is Associate Faculty and Visiting Scientist in Pediatrics at Boston Children‘s Hospital / Harvard Medical School (in cooperation with David Williams).



  • Rentschler Biotec
  • Miltenyi
  • Apceth
  • Eufets
  • Plasmid Factory
  • F-Prime / Alerion

Further Research Projects

  • DFG, SFB738 project C4: Vectors for transient cell modification
  • DFG, SFB738 project C9: Designer nucleases for generation of innovative transplants
  • BMBF, PIDNET: German Network on Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases
  • BMBF, IFB-Tx


  • A. Schambach, M. Rothe, CRACK-IT Award, NC3R, UK (2016)
  • A. Schambach, Young Investigator Award ESGCT (2011)
  • A. Schambach, Duanqing Preis, German-Chinese Junior Research Group, DAAD (2009-2014)
  • C. Baum, Ursula M. Händel, Animal Welfare Award, DFG (2009)
  • A. Schambach, Else Kröner Memorial Scholarship (2006)


Members of the group are lecturers in the Ph.D. programs of the Hannover Biomedical Research School (e.g. Ph.D. program Molecular Medicine, Ph.D. program Regenerative Sciences) and the Bachelor (e.g. Biology) and Master programs (e.g. Biomedicine). Furthermore, we participate in the training of medical students at MHH and are supervisors and co-supervisors of multiple students for internships, diploma theses and Ph.D. students.




2013 - ongoing


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