Tolerogenic Cell Therapy


Long term goals:

  • Establishment of HLA silencing as a robust method for the production of universal cells and tissues to be applied in a randomized manner independently of the patient’s genetic background.
  • Use of HLA-silenced cell products as an alternative therapeutic approach to immunossuppression for the prevention of rejection after allogeneic transplantation, and therefore reducing the costs for the health care system.
  • Use HLA-silenced cells as a strategy towards personalized medicine.
  • Identification of novel mechanisms that might contribute to graft rejection.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the role of Semaphorins in the differentiation of progenitor cells and activation of immune responses.

Milestones for the next 5 years: 

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of HLA universal platelets (HLA silenced platelets) in a mouse model
  • Evaluation of the effect of HLA silenced endothelial cells in the protection of biomaterials
  • Standardization of HLA silencing in different tissues and organs in their original 3D-structure
  • Evaluation of the beneficial effect of HLA-silencing
  • Characterization of the role of Semaphorins in the regulation of immune responses and cell differentiation

Research Focus

The high variability of the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) remains a major hurdle in transplantation and to the application of in vitro pharmed cell products. Our research group aims at the development of innovative strategies to decrease the immunogenicity of cells, tissues and organs to facilitate their use in allogeneic transplantation. The application of HLA-universal cell-based therapies has the potential to reduce the need for immunosuppression and represent an alternative option for strong alloimmunised patients with lower probabilities to find a compatible tissue or organ. Beside the modification of native tissues and organs, our group focuses in the large-scale production of low immunogenic cell types such as platelets and endothelial cells from HLA-universal induced pluripotent stem cells. Furthermore, we are interested on the characterization of the potential of using members of the Semaphorin family. These might be used as biomarkers for a precise and anticipated detection of deleterious immune responses that may contribute to organ rejection or lead to autoimmunity. We have already demonstrated that Semaphorins play an important role in the regulation of immune responses and in cell differentiation. The generation of HLA-universal cell products represents a new step in the field of regenerative medicine


  • R. Stripecke, REBIRTH Unit Regenerative Immune Therapies: Evaluation of the effect of Semaphorin in the regulation of HLA class II expression in professional and non-professional antigen-presenting cells.
  • A. Schambach, REBIRTH Unit Regenerative Gene Therapy: Construction of a GMP compatible vector for silencing HLA expression.
  • A. Haverich, B. Wiegmann, REBIRTH Unit Biohybrid Lung: Silencing HLA class I expression in endothelial cells for the development of the biohybrid lung.
  • Willem Wolkers, REBIRTH Unit, Biostabilization of tissues and macromolecular assemblies, Long term storage of platelets.
  • Thomas Moritz and Nico Lachmann, REBIRTH Unit Enhanced and synthetic cells for regeneration, Differentiation of iPSCs
  • Ulrich Martin, REBIRTH Unit iPSCs for Disease Modelling, Drug Screening and Cell Therapy, Use iPSCs for blood cell production
  • C. Guzman, K. Schulze, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Biology: Evaluation of the functionality of HLA-silenced platelets. 
  • K. Engelmann, Institute for Anatomy, TU Dresden: HLA silencing in human corneas 
  • M. Valtink, Institute for Anatomy, TU Dresden: HLA silencing in human corneas 
  • T Witte, Clinic for Immunology and Rheumatology, MHH: Evaluation of Sema5A as a biomarker for rheumatoid arthritis 
  • R. Jacobs, Clinic for Immunology and Rheumatology, MHH: Evaluation of Sema5A as a biomarker for rheumatoid arthritis 
  • German Society for tissue Transplantation – HLA silencing in tissues 
  • Alexandra Marques, University of Minho, Portugal: HLA-silenced endothelial cells for protection of biomaterials


2013 - ongoing


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