Quantitative Microscopy in Regeneration


Long term goals:

Comprehensive quantitative assessment of lung micro-structure in animal models of human lung disease using a correlative approach from non-destructive imaging techniques to high-resolution electron microscopy.


  • Combination of imaging techniques with lung function assays in healthy and diseased animals.
  • Application of these techniques to animal models of heart and lung disease and regeneration.
  • Further development and application of non-destructive correlative imaging techniques combined with stereology for quantitative lung imaging in animals and human biopsies (including optimized specimen preparation).
  • Establishing quantitative volume-EM of the lung (based on serial block face SEM, focussed ion beam SEM, electron tomography).

Research Focus

As part of the imaging platform in REBIRTH 2, we provide two advanced microscopy techniques: 1.) biomedical electron microscopy (EM) combined with 2.) unbiased methods for quantitative assessment of the microstructure of cells, tissues, and organs (stereology). In addition to established methods, we are involved in the further development of stereological methods and 3D imaging techniques and their application to REBIRTH target organs such as the lung. These approaches allow for high-resolution structural analysis, localization and distribution of target molecules and quantitative phenotype analysis of experimental animal models or human biopsies. Beyond providing these techniques as a service, our own research projects are focussed on the (ultra)structural analysis of the lung and its surfactant system in health and disease (e.g. animal models of ischemia/reperfusion injury, emphysema and fibrosis), as well as remodeling and regeneration of the heart.


  • H. Clark/J. Madsen (Southampton): Stereological analysis of the effects of irradiation and bone marrow transplantation on the mouse lung
  • A. Günther (Gießen): Surfactant in animal models of lung fibrosis
  • S. Sedej/T. Eisenberg/F. Madeo (Graz): Effect of spermidine on aging-associated changes of the heart
  • M. Beers (Philadelphia): Lung phenotype analysis of mouse models of lung disease (emphysema, fibrosis) based on surfactant alterations
  • I. Gruh, U. Martin, REBIRTH Unit Myocardial Tissue Engineering: EM characterization of stem cell derived target cell differentiation (lung, heart)
  • A. Heisterkamp, T. Ripken, H. Meyer, Laser Manipulation and Cellular Engineering, Laser Zentrum Hannover (): Scanning laser optical tomography (SLOT)
  • T. Wahlers, T. Wittwer (Cologne): Stem-cell based lung preservation in experimental lung transplantation
  • T. Geiser (Bern): Resident pulmonary stem cells in lung fibrosis


2013 - ongoing


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