Pathology of Humanized Animal Models - Human Pathology


Studies on stem cells and regenerative mechanisms depend to a large extent on experimental models in animals. The phenotypic analysis of animal models is a prerequisite for the generation and verification of hypotheses. The major objective of this SU is to establish a novel interdisciplinary core unit which will bring together veterinarian expertise on laboratory animals with histopathological skills from different organ specialists in human pathology in order to enable optimal patho-anatomical interpretation of animal models for human disease and regeneration. Within this SU histopathological expertise is generated which will facilitate bridging between animal models and experimental therapy in patients.

Research Focus

Within the frame of REBIRTH the Institute for laboratory animals and the Institute of Pathology have erected and share a completely new and interdisciplinary service unit at the MHH (“xPa”), which has not existed before. xPa provides a platform for information (modes of fixation and storage of tissues), technical support (tissue sections and stain, immunhistochemistry, laser microdissection, RNA analysis), training (microscopical analysis) and histopathological diagnoses. The latter are rendered by registrars and well experienced experts in human pathology only. Since 2007 xPa was involved in 38 research projects from 21 different working groups and departments.

Further Research Projects

  • Definition of a workflow from planning of animal experiments to tissue analysis. Providing a methodological platform for advanced analysis of animal tissues including immunohistochemistry, laser-microdissection, expression analysis by RT-PCR


  • istological training of scientists and Ph.D. students within the REBIRTH cluster of excellence


2013 - ongoing


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