Biofluid Mechanics (2007-2011)


The aims of the RG are to gain insight into the onset of calcification of biological and engineered heart valves by testing biological heart valves in an accelerated fatigue testing machine to study the beginning and progress of the calcification. And to develop scaffolds out of biomimetic materials for different applications with the methods of electro-spinning and directional solidification.

Research Focus

The main focus of the research group is to identify influence factors which lead to the calcification of biological heart valve prostheses. A special heart valve calcification tester which allows exposing the prostheses to defined conditions will be at free disposal for these tests. Another focus is to develop scaffolds via electro-spinning from synthetic polymers. Growth factors are introduced into the electrospun fibres. By means of directional solidification sponge like structures can be produced which can be seeded with different cells. Furthermore a dynamic perfusing bioreactor shall be developed to permit scaffolds, whether of natural or synthetic origin, to be seeded in a defined manner with cells.


  • Prof. Scheper, Institute of Technical Chemistry: on the field of growth factors (VEGF)
  • Dr. N. Hofmann, JRG Biothermodynamics: Collagen scaffolds, cryomicrotomy
  • PD Dr. C. Kasper, Institute of Technical Chemistry: Tensile testing of biomaterials and scaffolds
  • Dr. G. Dräger, Institute of Organic Chemistry: Seeding of different scaffolds with cells
  • Prof. Dr. Bullerdiek, University of Veterinary Medicine: Scaffolds/stem cell niche/bone marrow
  • Dr. Christian Hess, Leibniz Research Laboratories for Biotechnology and Artificial Organs: Fluid flow in a perfusion chamber
  • Prof. Dr. P. Behrens, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry: Nanoparticles for scaffold modifications
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. P. Wriggers, Institute of Continuum Mechanics: on the field of simulations
  • Prof. Dr. H. Lubatschowski, LZH: crystal lenses
  • Prof. Dr. med. vet. A. Meyer-Lindenberg: In vivo testing of scaffolds
  • Prof. Lenarz, HNO – MHH: histological polished sections
  • Medtronic: Project on biological heart valve calcification testing
  • Prof. Dr. Mavrilas, Patras, Greece: Biological heart valve calcification testing, CSS method

Further Research Projects

  • Involvement in subprojects R2, R6, D1 and D9 of the SFB 599 collaborative research centre
  • Involvement in subprojects Q2 and C1 of the SFB TR 37 collaborative research centre
  • Design, production and mechanical/ technological properties of resorbable screws from bone material for meniscus surgery (DFG)
  • Development of a method for generating individually tailored scaffolds with the aid of directional solidification (DFG)
  • In collaboration with Medtronic GmbH: In vitro calcification of biological heart valve prostheses


  • Lectures: Biomechanics of bone, Biomedical engineering I, Implantology
  • Mentoring of Lab-, Project-, Bachelor-, Master- and Diploma theses

Equipment and Service Facilities

[Please find a list of all available equipment here]


[Please find the publications of this workgroup here]


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