Molecular Toxicology (2007-2010)

Research Focus

This unit is involved in translational research with a strong emphasis on molecular toxicology and safety assessment of novel experimental therapeutics. With the aid of enabling genomic platform technologies (microarrays, proteomics, NMR) and numerous methods in molecular biology, many different endpoints at the DNA, RNA and protein-DNA level are studied and analysed using advanced bioinformatics. Likewise, epigenetic regulations such as hypermethylation of tumour suppressor genes are being actively investigated. A unique set-up combines all imaging modalities, i.e. computed tomography (?CT), positron emission tomography (?PET) and optical imaging based on single-photon imaging of fluorescent dyes for use in small animals. Primarily an anatomical imaging technique, ?CT can map the morphology of experimental animals with high resolution.


  • Prof. T. Thum, Hannover Medical School, Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies • Prof. B. Schieffer, Dr. C. Zwadlo, Hannover Medical School, Clinic for Cardiology 
  • Prof. M. Galanski, Hannover Medical School, Institute of Radiology 
  • Dr. F. Länger, Hannover Medical School, Pathology 
  • Dr. U. Maus, Hannover Medical School, Experimental Pneumology 
  • Prof. R. Stripecke, Prof. C. Baum, Hannover Medical School, Hematology, Imaging of gentically modified T-lymphocytes
  • Prof. K. Welte, Hannover Medical School, novel dual kinase inhibitors in the treatmnet of haematological cancers 
  • Prof. W. Knapp, Prof. G. Meyer, Hannover Medical School, Nuclear Medicine, Molecular imaging with 11C and Gallium PET-tracers 
  • Dr. T. Thum, University of Würzburg, Cardiology 
  • Prof. K. Spanel-Borowski, University of Leipzig, Institute for Anatomy 
  • Prof. S. Benita, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, School of Pharmacy

Further Research Projects

  • EU-Consortium: BMC Bispecific Monoclonal Antibody Technology Concept FP6, LSHB-CT-2005-518185 
  • Bioinformatic analysis of experimental microarray data from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical devices 
  • EU-Consortium: From gene regulatory networks of complex diseases to drug prediction. Net2Drug, FP6LSHBCT- 2007-037590 
  • EU-Consortium: EU- Action CMO602, Inhibitors of angiogenesis: design, synthesis and biological exploitation (ANGIOKEM) 
  • EU-Consortium: Lipid droplets as dynamic organelles of fat deposition and release: Translational research towards human disease (LipidomicNet), FP7 Grant agreement no.: 202272 
  • BMBF funded project on systems biology of the liver 
  • Several research projects funded by the pharmaceutical industry

Equipment and Service Facilities

[Please find a list of all available equipment here]


[Please find the publications of this workgroup here]


Borlak, Jürgen Prof. Dr. juergen.borlak (at)
Meier, Tatiana Dr. tatiana.meier (at)
Rohrbeck, Astrid Dr. astrid.rohrbeck (at)
Halter, Roman Dr. roman.halter (at)
Wiesner, Kerstin kerstin.wiesner (at)
Krüwel, Thomas thomas.kruewel (at)
Hunecke, Danele danele.hunecke (at)
Elalfy, Mahmoud mahmoud.elalfy (at)
Rodt, Thomas Dr. rodt.thomas (at)
von Falck, Christian Dr. falck.christian.von (at)
Hüper, Katja Dr. hueper.katja (at)
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