Special Lecture, Prof. Mark von Itzstein

Start date: 27 March 2012
Start time: 10:15 am
End time: 02:45 pm
Location: Medizinische Hochschule, Building J01, Level H0, Lecture Hall H (1110)


Influenza virus sialidase: New directions in inhibitor development  

Prof. Mark von Itzstein
The Director of the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University, Australia, will give two lectures during his stay as "Visiting Researcher" at the MHH in January 2012

Prof. von Itzstein has international standing in glycoscience and drug discovery especially in the area of anti-infective drug discovery and  his contributions have been recognised through the award of a number of international and national prizes. He has established an internationally-recognised research program that is investigating the discovery of novel anti-microbial drugs, including novel anti-influenza drugs and anti-cancer drugs based on carbohydrate-related pathways.  Mark von Itzstein is a world-leading medicinal chemist whose work has been largely responsible for the invention of the world’s first ‘designer’ anti-viral drug, Relenza™ that blocks the action of influenza virus.

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