Title: 2nd EOS Cenference on Laser Ablation and Nanoparticle Generation in Liquids (ANGEL) 2012
Start date: 22 May 2012
End date:  - 24 May 2012


The second EOS Conference on Laser Ablation and Nanoparticle Generation in Liquids (ANGEL) will be held at the Hotel Caparena, Taormina (Siciliy), Italy, from 22 to 24 May 2012. Today, nanoparticles are widely implemented as functional elements on surfaces, into volumes and as nanohybrids, resulting for example in bioactive composites and nanobiomarkers. Nowadays, however, only a limited variety if materials that may be integrated into advanced funcional materials are available: Nanoparticles synthesized by conventional gas phase processes are often agglomerated to micro powders that are hardly redispensible into functional matrices, and chemical methods often lead to impurities of the nanoparticle colloids caused by additives and precursor reaction products.

In the last decade, laser ablation and nanoparticle generation in liquids has proven to be a unique and efficient technique to generate, excite, fragment, and cunjugate elemental, nano-alloy, semiconductor and ceramic nanoparticles.

The conference will be chaired by Stephan Barcikowski, former leader of the REBIRTH workgroup 'Nanoparticles', now leader of the REBIRTH external branch at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, and Giuseppe Compagnini, University of Catania, Italy.


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