tecas Kick-Off Meeting:

Start date: 12 December 2013
End date:  - 13 December 2013
Start time: 09:00 am
End time: 06:00 pm
Location: Niedersachsen Forum (Rotunda), Hannover


Marie Curie ITN-TECAS: Tissue Engineering Solutions for Cardiovascular Surgery Kick-Off Meeting

Hannover Medical School hosts the two-day kick-off meeting of the recently awarded TECAS-ITN on 12th and 13th December 2013.The TECAS-ITN is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded with €3.5 million by the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union's 7th Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013/ under REA grant agreement n°317512.

The aim of the TECAS-ITN is to integrate the major European contributors in the field of cardiovascular tissue engineering (TE) and regenerative medicine (RM), to generate a coherent framework of expertise which will facilitate the training and career development of early stage researchers (ESRs) in the field. In particular, the intention of this ITN is to focus on the clinical needs of cardiac valve replacement/repair, myocardium reconstruction and patch graft angioplasty of the great blood vessels, with a view to developing the underpinning expertise and technology that will be required to manufacture functional TE cardiovascular implants for clinical use in the near future.

TECAS-ITN supports and transfers novel cross-disciplinary and inter-sectorial training to junior researchers, which is critical to the long-term sustainability of the cardiovascular implant research and industry in Europe, enhancing its competitiveness against the North American sector. The goal is to consolidate the extensive multidisciplinary experience in training and research of the academic, clinical and industrial Partners of TECAS-ITN to train the new generation of competent and balanced clinicians, scientists, and engineers, who currently are in great demand by the medical devices industry and clinical sector. This goal will be facilitated through the Network’s research projects, which span over the inter-sectorial innovation pipeline of a number of TE products and technologies from basic science to translational research and beyond.

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