Title: 20th biennial Glycobiology Gordon Research Conference
Start date: 18 March 2017
End date:  - 24 March 2017


20th biennial Glycobiology Gordon Research Conference


Gordon Research Conference:

The latest developments in a broad range of cutting-edge topics will be covered:
Interdisciplinary Glycobiology (Keynote session), Glycans in Niche Communities, Glycans
and Innate Immunity, Glycosylation and Signaling, Glycobiology of the HIV virus,
Evolutionary and Developmental Glycobiology, Leveraging Glycoscience for Developing
Therapeutics, Cellular and Molecular Pathways for Glycoprotein Trafficking, Glycobiology
of Microbes and Parasites, Structural Biology of Glycogene Products, Omics and
Informatics, Pathobiochemistry of Glycosylation Diseases, Glycobiology of Neural Function
and Disease

Michael Tiemeyer, Chair
Rita Gerardy-Schahn, Vice Chair

Deadline: February 19


Glycobiology Gordon Research Seminar:

Glycan Function and Structure in Development,
Disease, and Host-Pathogen/Symbiont Interactions

Mindy Porterfield, Chair

Deadline: February 18



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