Title: 1st Saint Petersburg Congress on Autoimmunity
Start date: 30 June 2017
End date:  - 02 July 2017
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia


1st Saint Petersburg Congress on Autoimmunity

Scientific Program

Sessions will include:

  • The Pathophysiology of autoimmune diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases - diverse clinical aspects
  • Factors in autoimmunity and how to overcome them
  • Microbiome, biomarkers and regulatory autoantibodies
  • Vitamin D, B-Cells, diagnosis and thyroiditis
  • Systemic sclerosis, ANCA, Lupus and APS
  • Personalized medicine, IgG4, and DFS70 
  • Cancer, genetic, IVIG, adjuvants, cannabis and circadian


Organizing Committee:

Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld, Tel Aviv, Israel

Prof. Leonid Churilov, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Prof. Eugeny Nasonov, Moscow, Russia


Program Overview




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