Start date: 12 September 2017
Start time: 08:30 pm
Location: Schloss Herrenhausen, Herrenhäuser Straße 5, 30419 Hannover


HerrenhausenLate is a series of events organized by the Volkswagen Foundation in cooperation with Hannover's universities.

Venue: Schloss Herrenhausen, Herrenhäuser Straße 5, 30419 Hannover

HerrenhausenLate #2: Anything goes? Are there limits to what modern medicine can and should do?”
12 september 2017, 8.30p.m

Professor Thomas Thum, cardiologist and researcher at Hannover Medical School (MHH), and Professor Nils Hoppe, an ethicist at the University of Hannover, will be discussing medical and ethical challenges surrounding the clinical use of recently developed cardiovascular treatments. For further information (in German) click here.

 HerrenhausenLate #1: Stem cells = allrounder.
1 november 2016, 8.30p.m

What is regenerative medicine able to do? The dream of regenerative medicine is to make spare parts for the human body in the lab to save the lives of seriously ill people. This hope lies in the new allrounders of the cell world: induced pluripotent stem cells. They can already be used to produce blood cells that could one day make up for the shortfall in blood reserves. And that’s not all: stem cells harbour considerable potential for new treatments, creating a real opportunity for medical breakthroughs. Human biologist Nico Lachmann and medic Christine Happle are working together to develop just such a therapy for sufferers of a rare lung disease.The Volkswagen Foundation will be hosting an event, involving audience discussion, at which Lachmann and Happle will be looking at the possibilities and limits of stem cell research, the impact of these cells on medicine and why science fiction could soon become reality. For further information (in German) click here.

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