Pilot scheme: ‘REBIRTH active’ study at VW in Wolfsburg

Metabolic syndrome: In collaboration with Hannover Medical School (MHH), the Audi BKK health insurer and Volkswagen’s Health Services, up to 300 people are taking part – with close guidance and monitoring – in a one-year scheme entitled “Get moving!”  at VW’s Wolfsburg site. As part of Audi BKK’s workplace health promotion measures, sports scientists at MHH are developing personalized training plans to actively improve participants’ health. This scheme is based on the ‘REBIRTH active’ studies conducted by the REBIRTH Cluster of Excellence at MHH. In previous studies involving more than 400 subjects, the scientists – headed by the Cluster’s coordinator Professor Axel Haverich – were able to demonstrate that this training concept radically reduced health-related risks.

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DFG Award Nominee - branch of trade award of the health care system

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