New mechanism of blood vessel formation discovered

Veins grow throughout one’s lifetime. They need to, in order that blood can get where it’s wanted – whether it’s for healing wounds or for supplying damaged tissue with oxygen following a heart attack. Where blood vessels are... [more]

The parts air reaches – and the parts it doesn’t

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses hydrogen atoms to visualize aqueous tissue, including cartilage as well as the brain and other organs. At Hannover Medical School (MHH), researchers can now use MRI to visualize airflow in... [more]

Apply now: Autumn Academy for Teachers

On 30 October 2015, for the fourth time, REBIRTH und QUEST laboratories will play host to upper-school teachers keen to find out about the latest advances in research. Since 2009, this in-service training – offered in conjunction... [more]

Welcome to REBIRTH

With the enthusiastic support of six important partner institutions, Hannover Medical School (MHH) in 2006 has established a Cluster of Excellence in the area of Regenerative Biology and Reconstructive Therapies, acronym REBIRTH. 

The goal of the Excellence Initiative is to strengthen cutting-edge research in Germany and to improve its international competitiveness. Outstanding projects are funded as Clusters of Excellence which focus on the research potential at university locations in Germany and, hence, strengthen their international visibility.